Extra noir

New tint with the prestigious Extra Noir

What's news : An exceptional tint synonymous with the highest quality, prestige and elegance. A both deep and brilliant black to render your bottles sublime, to give them a unique stamp.

Anti-UV protection : Beyond its undeniable aesthetic qualities, the Extra Noir has anti-UV properties to protect your wines.

Coloration Feeder : Associated with our FLEX LINE system, this new product is created with a feeder coloration and thus combines quality, color and flexibility.



coloration legere

Light coloration, all tints are possible

An excellent service of VOA, light coloration allows you to benefit from our existing range of standard models :
- managed on sales forecasts

- According to the tint, we can produce on demand within one production day

- A choice among 5 shades of Blue, Exotic, the Extra Flint hue...or even your own tint!

Rediscover the Cannelle hue, authenticity and refinement

A tint of brown glass whose elegant nuance is reserved for high-end traditional regional products.

The Cannelle color, recalling an accessory of the wine cellar (a cannelle), is a reflection of VOA’s authenticity.

Cannelle: feminine noun, wooden valve attached to a barrel or tank.

“I can’t remember how wine is passed from the barrel into the glasses; without a doubt there must be a cannelle at the bottom.” T'Serstevens, The Spanish Itinerary, 1933.