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Specialized in decoration solutions on glass food-container since 1992, Saga Décor society deploys its industrial capacities for wine, spirit, mineral water, beers and also fruit juice. Etching, screen painting, coating, metallization, jewels and accessories applying, nothing is impossible for this Saint Gobain group subsidiary which employs 75 people in Pont Sainte Maxence, in Oise department, and creates with its know-how, unique packaging. Interview with Gilles Boix, business director of Saga Decor.

What is the plus of decoration on glass bottle, except esthetic aspect?

The decoration valorizes firstly the product. It allows brands to properly exist on linears, differentiate themselves, make their high-end positioning clear, increase sales, attract a precise customer target or create an event. With the decoration, we play on feelings to create a direct link with the customer.

Do you personalize some bottles produced by VOA?

One of our historic projects is the GET 31 bottle (70cl). We make on this bottle an etching for a “fresh” effect researched by the brand. We also decorated a splendid magnum, Bordeaux Elegance model, with contemporary grey mat coating for a southeast winemaker.

How do you work with VOA?

Usually, the VOA seller presents us the need of his consumer. We are a support service: we bring him technical solution to make real esthetic expectations of his consumer. Of course, we take into account bottling and stock constraints for decorated bottles. When a consumer asks us directly, we establish contact with VOA seller to find the most appropriated VOA, Verallia or Selective Line bottle. We work in mutual trust to satisfy our shared consumers.

What are your main markets?

We are multi-markets: spirits, wines, mineral waters, oils, condiments, fruit juices. We are working for great brands as well as local brands. The spirit market is the most mature market. We always have to be innovating. The wine market just begins to exploit the décor possibility. For rosé wines, which knows a real increase, our custom creation are adapted for attempts of young and women target.

What are trendies in decoration?

Etching and screen printing bring together to valorize color product, with, sometimes, fluorescent and luminescent curls which glow in the dark. Coating and screen printing can “textured” effects and bring relief. Metallization with its platinum, gold or silver colors is very valued for exceptional bottles and by Chinese market. Bottles decorated with jewels become real communication objects. The trendy clearly brings us to more and more complex decors, mixing several technics.