A national drive

The actions of the VOA are part of a national (VERRE- AVENIR) and European (European Container Glass Federation) movement whose objective is that 75% of glass used in France be recovered and recycled. In 2012, 7 glass bottles of 10 are recycled in France.

In 2012, VOA recycled more than 85,000 tons of glass coming from households in the Midi Pyrenees, Cantal and Aude.

This recovery:
  • reduces household waste to collect and process, to the tune of 85,000 tons
  • saves 100,000 tons of virgin raw material
  • saves the equivalent of 10,000 tons of petroleum
  • reduces CO2 emissions


A regional dynamic

This partnership mobilizes public agencies, private associations, producers, Eco Emballages, Adelphe and VOA...all for the same objective.

Since launching the Récup Verre program in the 1980’s and today:

  • More than 95% of the regional population and communities are active
  • 10,000 glass recovery bins installed
  • 40 direct employees, not counting the participation of local communities
  • 100% of recovered glass is recycled into bottles


Ambitious objectives

In 35 years of recycling we have managed to recover 70% of household glass; that’s 2000 kt in 2012 for France alone.

The target of 75% recycling is close but the last percentages are the most difficult to win. Who is concerned by and must therefore act towards this shared objective:

  • The consumer that sorts all its glass household packaging (bottles and jars) for deposit in Recup Verre.
  • Communities and their service providers, to provide quality services (logistics and communication)
  •  The VOA and its partner, Briane Environement, engage with you to recycle more :

                 - Separation of white glass and colored glass   

                 - Automated sorted colors 

                 - Increased rate of cullet in the white and colored glass

For more information, consult these two websites: and


Contact information

Jean-Philippe CHAUDRUT
Tel : +33 (0)5 63 78 10 03