Unique in France: The FLEX LINE for producing small series

La bouteille Château de l'Aumèrade 37,5 cl

VOA has invested in building a production system unique in France: the FLEX LINE.

Since November 2009, this precise equipment has been producing small series of between 10,000 and 60,000 flint, extra-flint or otherwise lightly-colored bottles. Flex Line, as the name indicates, allows for an exceptional level of flexibility at VOA.


A technological advance

Effectively, Flex Line technology can produce 1 or 3 different articles on the same line. This system is based upon two innovations:

  • A variable weight feeder that allows for the delivery of variable weights of glass gobs for different bottles produced on the same line
  •  A recognition sorter that uses a camera to identify the different types and forms of bottles and sort them as they come off the line.


Responding to client needs

With this innovation, VOA’s clients will benefit from a unique service for small series: product launches, limited editions, upscale products, special events. The Flex Line solution optimizes costs, more particularly tool and stocking costs.

One of the first companies to have benefited from this innovation is the Fabre Domaine, who used the Flex Line innovation for its vintage Marie-Christine, Château de l’Aumèrade, in 37,5cl.


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