Our Study and Design office is specialized in creating original and exclusive models

VOA offers its clients a comprehensive approach to the creation of exclusive models. We begin working prior to the Design offices working on your marketing briefs: a service than can be integrated into our comprehensive offering.

Our Product Study Office, equipped with the latest software, can transform, model and make your project suitable for an industrial manufacturing setting: today, 3D technology makes it possible for us to offer you a perfect visualization of your product in a quasi-real situation.



The life of your bottle begins here

Everything is reviewed by our technicians and engineers, from the plans, then on to the wood, Plexiglas or Pyrex model, until the “pilot” mold, the last step before the industrial phase.

Nothing must be left to chance:

  • Bottling conditions, shipping, stocking, off-loading pallets;
  • Surface treatment.... in case of decoration;
  • Taper limits, tipping point, depth of pitting, connection angles, notches, precision of engraving and other logos...

For thirty years, we have acquired the skill and experience for quality in the conception and development of new products: give us a call, our know-how is there for you....