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We offer true technical consulting regarding the definition of a project or a makeover.

The Technical Sales Department is the liaison between our customers and the various departments of the VOA: sales, marketing, study office, production, logistics, quality. The technical service can help you to concretely express your needs as well.

The originality of our craft is to intervene before and after, from the project to the use of the product and the follow-up of technical standards that have been put in place for all participants: glassmakers, cork makers and bottle cap makers, machine manufacturers, etc.



Everything about your equipment and your expectations for optimum solutions

When a customer calls us in order to find a solution, the technical consultant is always warmly welcomed. Our clients are viticulture professionals. They are open and passionate people....The most important thing for us is to know everything about the equipment and the expectations of more than 1000 customers.

We are here to guide and advise you to make the best of your options. A true glass professional, he integrates the constraints of the specifications and the law with the new traceability standards.

You are welcome to contact our sales team for more information.