"Quality people make Quality Glass", an essential approach

The quality of our service accompanies each and every one of your orders, deliveries after deliveries. Today, in addition to the quality of its products and the complementary nature of its offer, VOA places great emphasise on the quality of its service, which, in the final analysis, is the only thing that really counts for each delivery. 

Direct, individual relations with the entire sales team, a short decision-making circuit and fast answers appropriate to your needs are all part of our everyday life.

VOA is very much on a human scale and has always sought and developed special contact with its customers and partners. Proximity is a key part of our system, and we have set up a tight web of depots covering all the winemaking areas and developed a distributor network that is also there to serve you.

Always attentive to its market, VOA is constantly adapting its marketing and manufacturing to your changing needs.