Rich with over a hundred years of history

VOA Glass bottle supplier of Albi has carried on the great glassware tradition that grew up in the Tarn from the 14th Century. People have used their talent to master the alchemy of glass from its molten state when it emerges from the fire that gives it all its nobility.


Windows, bottles or works of art

Glass melted in the furnace will always be a noble material suitable for communicating every type of feeling …

VOA has two furnaces with a capacity of 180,000 tons feeding production lines for every kind of liquid market, from the humble to the most prestigious.
At the heart of the great vineyards of Southern Europe, VOA is constantly improving its work through that legacy, to make it its motto for your satisfaction.

Key points

  • Site area: 23 hectares.
  • 300 people
  • 1 plant
  • Two continuous fire furnaces, 6 production lines.
  • Capacity: 180,000 tons.
  • 5 basic colors: Green, Dead Leaf, Flint, Extra Flint, Cannelle and Black Extra
  • Main Markets: Wine, Aperitifs & Spirits, Soft Drinks
  • Exports: VOA exports around 23 % of its production to over 20 countries.
  • 2010 Sales: 99 M€
  • Investment: € 4 million per year
  • The first glassmaking company in Europe to obtain an integrated quadruple certification


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