This Website may automatically collect information through cookies or digital identifiers placed when you use this Website.

Cookies definition

Cookies (or digital identifiers) are small text files that may be stored on your device with your browser when you visit this Website and may have different purposes, in particular those allowing to identify your device by its transmitter

Subject to your consent when such consent is required by applicable data protections regulations, this Website uses cookies and digital identifiers in order to enable the operation of the Website, improve its use and features and better understand your use of tools and services proposed by the Website.


Cookies management

For every cookies category, you may choose to refuse the use of cookies. However, you cannot switch off necessary cookies through the cookies management tool.

The different types of cookies that may be placed on your device during the use of the Website are the following:


2.1 Necessary cookies

Placed by Verallia

Necessary for the proper operation of the website

These cookies are necessary for the website operation of our website and cannot be switched off. They allow you to use the main features of the website such as [specify]. These cookies are not based on your profile and, generally, do not store any personally identifiable information. Without them, you will not be able to use the website properly. However, if you would like your computer to decline these cookies, you can do this by modifying your internet browser settings to disable the use of cookies”. Please refer to your browser's "help" menu for instructions. Please note that if you remove all of these cookies, Verallia cannot guarantee that all parts or services on the website will operate properly.


2.2. Audience measurement and analytics

Placed by Verallia

Produce statistics on your use of the website

Information shared with [Specify identity of the third party that provides the tool]

Verallia use cookies of [Specify identity of the third party that provides the tool]. These cookies allow Verallia to count visits and traffic sources in order to measure and improve the performance of the website. They also help Verallia to know which pages are the most / least popular and see how visitors move around the website.   All information collected by these cookies do not allow Verallia to identify you directly but identify your browser or your device directly. The information is used by [Specify identity of the third party that provides the tool] that may process it, on an independent manner, pursuant to its privacy notice. If you do not allow these cookies, your use of the website will not be impacted, but we will not be able to monitor its performance and improve the website with the same efficiency.


2.3. View and share via social media

placed by [Social media name]

allow you to view videos on Verallia’s website and share our site’s content on the social media.

These cookies are directly placed on our website by social media services [Social media name]. They allow users to view directly on the website Verallia content hosted by [Social media name] for Verallia and share content on such social media. If you do not allow these cookies you may not be able to view certain Verallia contents directly from the website or share content.

[If social media place cookies for advertising purposes, it is necessary to supplement/adjust this policy]


3. Management and retention

Information collected by Verallia with cookies are kept until [x] months by Verallia. Verallia will request you on a regular basis, through the cookies banner, to renew your choices relating to cookies. In all cases, you can always modify your choices, in particular withdraw your consent, with the link [“manage my cookies”] placed on all pages of the website. This action will however result in the deletion of all cookies used by your browser, including those used by third-parties, which may result in alteration or loss of some settings or information and render the use of the website more difficult.