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Modernization of VOA - VERRERIE D’ALBI

Published on 30/03/2016

"With this new equipment, we gain flexibility and we reduce the environmental footprint by 5 to 8%"(Benoit Chatillon, VOA’s director).

Inauguration du four 1 VOA

Verallia invests €24m in France to modernize half of the production equipment of VOA.
More than 200 people attended the inauguration of VOA’s new installations including customers, government and local authority officials, and senior executives from Verallia’s two shareholder funds, Apollo and Bpifrance.

VOA’s furnace n°1 dedicated to very high quality extra-flint and flint glass production has been completely rebuilt, together with all its three production lines in order to strengthen its positioning on the small and medium-run high-end markets.

With this new equipment, VOA can count on extremely flexible manufacturing assets to ensure the continuous production of a wide range of bottles. Celebrating in 2016 its 120th anniversary, VOA employs over 300 people, makes 800,000 bottles a day, and produces over 350 different models a year. This modernization enhances safety and work station ergonomics, our priorities.